Kristina Shannon Birthday Party Pantyless Upskirt Photos


How does the Shannon twins celebrate their birthday? Well you know, by flashing their privates for us. Yes sir, Kristina Shannon doesn't like wearing any undies and probably forgot that she must keep her legs crossed the whole time she is sitting down, otherwise she will show us more then she ever wanted to. Hell maybe she was so wasted she didn’t even remember what happened that night, but luckily the photographer did miss anything not even her shots of her upskirt crotch! To be honest I don't know if this Shannon twin is wearing skin-toned colored panties or not, but considering her career is strictly based on showing her pussy and getting naked…it is safe to say she isn't… And crotch does look freshly shaven too.

Playmates Karissa and Kristina Shannon turned 21-year-old can drink legally! Although I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that being underaged didn't stop them from indulging before, but whatever. I guess this twin is making an appearance with her twat not to be upstaged because her sister, in the event you haven't heard, has just released Karissa Shannon Superstar sex tape where she gets fucked by the black dude from Smallville. Anyway, the sisters celebrated their 21st birthday on Saturday at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas pretty much exactly like everyone thought they would -- by acting like total drunken filthy skanks. Click on pictures to enlarge.


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Karissa and Kristina Shannon (born October 2, 1989 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States) is an American model and Playboy Playmate. Karissa and her sister Kristina Shannon are twins who both were girlfriends of Hugh Hefner. They have also appeared on The Girls Next Door.


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