Ashton Kutcher's Mistress Sara Leal Topless Photos Leaked


Here are some topless photos of Ashton Kutcher's latest mistress Sara Leal. As an aside, for a second; it seems every young women in America right now have topless or fully nude pics stored somewhere that will surface once they get their 15 minutes of fame. Rumors have been growing the past few weeks that 33-year-old Ashton Kutcher has been cheating on his 48-year-old wife Demi Moore with 22-year-old Sara Leal. Pictures were even published from June of Ashton leaving the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood with a girl alleged to be Sarah. And of course this isn't the first time Ashton has been accused of cheating. He allegedly hooked up with 21-year-old Brittney Jones last year but that is about when news broke that Demi and Ashton have an "open" marriage.

According to Hollywood Life, Brittney Jones claims that her sexual tryst with Ashton was just him taking advantage of the couple's open marriage policy. So that is the reason I don't get why everyone is making such a big deal of the news on a new Ashton Kutcher extramarital affair with this Sarah Leal chick. You have to think the reason why we are getting more stories of Ashton Kutcher's extramarital affairs and trysts with random chicks is for publicity for Ashton's and Demi's latest movie and television show projects. The timing is just way too convent to be a coincidence.

Anyway, Sara Leal is talking too and telling all the sorted details of her sexual encounters with Ashton. In an interview with US Weekly, Sarah says she had unprotected sex with Ashton Kutcher. You got to wonder where unprotected sex with strangers fall within Demi and Ashton's open marriage policy. From what I remember Ashton did not put on a condom during sex with Brittney either. Demi Moore might want to get tested because I am thinking unprotected sex falls somewhere out of that open marriage arrangement. LOL... And from the looks of these topless photos this chick Sara Leal, she seem to be very slutty and probably have sex with many other married men. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

And here is Ashton Kutcher with Sara Leal. This dude is absolutely nuts for being in public with his mistress and allowing himself to be photographed with her.

Here is Ashton Kutcher with his wife Demi Moore.


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Christopher Ashton Kutcher (born February 7, 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.), best known as Ashton Kutcher, is an American actor, producer, former fashion model and comedian, best known for his portrayal of Michael Kelso in the Fox sitcom That '70s Show. He also created, produced and hosted Punk'd, and played lead roles in the Hollywood films Dude, Where's My Car?, Just Married, The Butterfly Effect, The Guardian, and What Happens in Vegas. He is also the producer and co-creator of the supernatural TV show Room 401 and the reality TV show Beauty and the Geek. Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen in the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men as the character Walden Schmidt.


Demi Guynes Kutcher birth name Demi Gene Guynes (born November 11, 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico, U.S.), known professionally as Demi Moore, is an American actress. After minor roles in film and a role in the soap opera General Hospital, Moore established her career in films such as St. Elmo's Fire (1985), and in the early 1990s, became one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood with her successes in Ghost (1990), A Few Good Men (1992), Indecent Proposal (1993), and Disclosure (1994).

Moore took her professional name from her first husband, musician Freddy Moore, and is the mother of three daughters from her marriage to actor Bruce Willis. She has been married to actor Ashton Kutcher since 2005.


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