NASCAR's Miss Sprint Cup Girl Paige Duke Leaked Nude Photos


Wow! Bernie Ecclestone and the folks at Formula 1 better watch out... Because NASCAR is getting a lot more sexy after 2010 Miss Sprint Cup Girl Paige Duke had nude photos were leaked over the Internet. For the past 18 months, she was one of three Miss Sprint Cup representatives, serving as a face in victory lane and as an ambassador of NASCAR and Sprint. But with that fame came the trouble... Model Paige Duke, 24-year-old, is now at the center of a sexting scandal and a frenzy on the net with male NASCAR fans searching for her naked pictures. But her lawyers are fighting like hell to keep anyone from seeing the scandalous yet super hot nude shots. And this one is certainly not a publicity stunt by Miss Paige Duke because many websites have gotten letters from her legal team demanding the removal of the photographs.

It all started about three weeks ago, a friend alerted Duke that naked pictures of her were circulating via email and message boards. But by then it was too late... The pictures of an 18-year-old Miss Duke were taken at college and sent to an ex-boyfriend years ago. As a Miss Sprint Cup Girl Paige Duke traveled the country as one of the sport's roving reporters, but was fired because the nude shots broke NASCAR's top sponsor and mobile phone operator Sprint's"morality code". So NASCAR invoked the morality clause in Duke's contract to fire her. So now Miss Duke is telling her side of the story, she says:

"I did not intend for anybody to see these and now I'm exploited. This is the most embarrassing thing that could have ever happened to me. I lost my job, the best job I could have ever asked for, it was perfect for me."

Miss Duke says the pictures which show her fully nude in a number of compromising positions – were taken in her dorm room at Clemson University. Paige Duke's attorneys have been working to have the six or seven images, which depict a fully nude Duke in her college room at university six years ago, pulled from the Internet. Duke has yet to speak to her ex-boyfriend. But she said to the press:
"We're still investigating how these pictures got out there. All we know is they came from his computer, he's the only person I sent them to. I just want to set the record straight, I'm going to own up to my mistakes. It's something I did, I've cried enough tears over it, I'm tired of crying, I'm tired of hiding from everybody."

A two weeks ago, Sprint and NASCAR terminated Duke over the phone. She says she was not offered a chance to explain the pictures, but understands she violated a morality clause in her contract. The boyfriend (now an ex who just might play in the NFL) might have leaked the photos to the Internet or he might have share the photos with a friend who then leaked it to the net. Either way, the boyfriend is to be blamed. Or thanks... depending on how you look at it because she is hawt. Sprint should have increase her pay instead of firing her the photos of her naked body are so hot.
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Paige Duke on the job for NASCAR and Sprint before the firing:

Paige Duke doing some modeling:

Other Paige Duke personal pics:


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Paige Duke (born August 25, 1987 in Clemson, South Carolina, U. S. A.) is an American model and beauty queen. She was one of three Miss Sprint Cup Girls working as reporters on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series until she fired from the job after nude pictures from her college days surfaced on the Internet. The 2010 Miss Sprint Cup squad originally consisted of Amanda Wright, Monica Palumbo and Paige Duke.


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