Google The Next Microsoft


Just had to fix the last swinger post by re-uploading the photos. Sorry for the broken links to images earlier... The Google service that we use to host photos for the Gutter Uncensored website is fucking up of last. So sometimes you are seeing this minus sign in a circle thing instead of a huge pair of tits or a hot pussy:

Yeah, it sucks balls but hopefully Google will fix their shit soon... As you surf the web it is a Google fuck up every time you see that minus sign with the circle instead of the image you were expecting. Lately I have been getting that lame frustrating Microsoft feeling from Google. You know I hate the Google Corporation with a passion for it being one giant asshole run by little assholes but at least the products and services worked well.

Now it does not even seem have the quality thing going for it anymore.
Recently Google products and services started to fail to function all together. Or even worse, totally incompatible with each other across the broad! That Google Translate tool does not work on Blogger blogs with adult content warnings yet Google Translate work perfectly on blogs using Wordpress with adult content and warning pages. Yup, Google the next Microsoft or even worse Yahoo... so SAD!!!

Send some links to Google watchdog websites like


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