The Million-Dollar Fender Bender In Monaco


Wow, just caught this interesting video of a tiny $1.1 million dollar fender bender car crash in Monaco involving a rich "young woman crashing her blue Bentley Azure worth an estimated $390,000 / €310,000 into a Mercedes S Class ($118,000 / €93,000), a Ferrari F430 ($225,000 / €180,000) and an Aston Martin Rapide ($235,000 / €188,000), which smashed into a Porsche 911 ($125,000 / €100,000)." It is a slow speed crash but that Bentley is a very heavy and powerful car so it pushed the other cars around like toys. According to reports, the repair bill for the vehicles was estimated at around $160,000. Watch the video below but you can read more about it over at CarScoop:


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