Wait, Wet T-Shirt Contest In Singapore? Someone Better Take Pictures And Send Them In


This poster was posted on the Facebook fan page for Gutter Uncensored by a fan. Don't know if it is the real deal but if it is then someone better take a lot of pics and be sure to share it with us at GutterUncensored(at)yahoo.com as soon as you can. Maybe someone else will shoot a video too. LOL... Hopefully this is a real event and not a joke. And hopefully the organizers of this thing are not teasing us with a lame wet t-shirt contest. No bras or bikini tops under the t-shirts either because that would be lame. This poster has too good to be true written all over it but I am a dreamer. Remember, we need to see pics or it never happened.

By the way, did some searching and the chick in the poster is Kate Upton. Hopefully people are not expecting anything as hot as Kate. But anything half as hot as Kate would be hot enough to win a wet t-shirt contest:


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