Hong Kong Child Actor Alexander Roels Is All Grown Up And Piloting Planes At Cathay Pacific And Accused Of Having Affair With Married Flight Attendant


Here is an interesting piece of new information about the pilot mention in the emails sent to the bosses at Cathay Pacific. And it is the fact that Alexander Roels was a child actor in Hong Kong 20 years ago! But you might know him better as the Cathay Pacific pilot at the center of the Hong Kong sex scandal involving the accusations made by a man sending emails to the CEO of Cathay Pacific Airways and shareholders asking them to stop a pilot from having sex with his wife. We knew his name was Alex Roels from his social profiles and from the leaked emails. We know the husband of Hong Kong's seemingly very own femme fatale Eden Lo accused Alex Roels a.k.a. Alexander Roels of having an affair with her. But we now know Mr. Roels is a former actor on Hong Kong's ETV (Educational Television) from 20 years ago on various Enlish languages programs like "English Key Stage 2: Adventure Into Monsterland" playing the role of Nicki. And we have the videos from Hong Kong's ETV to prove it.

Alexander Roels

You really want to see the videos right? He is the main character in this show from ETV and you can clearly see the mark on his left cheek in the recent pictures of him and in the video of him on Hong Kong TV from nearly two decades ago.

[經典教育電視etv] Adventure Into Monsterland part 1:

[經典教育電視etv] Adventure Into Monsterland part 2:

We are receiving many emails on this scandal at Cathay Pacific. Including ones telling us about rumors that much "more juicy" pictures are circulating at the airline among staff and flight crews. Here is excerpt from an email that told us that the pilot in this scandal was an actor and provided us with the links to the videos and more information:

A piece of information,

This Mr. Roels, he is one of the children actor of Hong Kong ETV (Educational television), mostly appear in English learning program. As I remember it is over 20 years ago.

And now he is greeting somebody's wife(s), I'm so proud of him.

Wow, this
Alex Roels guy is a former child star on Hong Kong television... This scandal just keep on getting better. Anyway, if you have explicit nude pictures and/or videos of any Cathay Pacific flight attendants or any naked flight attendants especially on a plane then please email what you have to GutterUncensored(at)yahoo.com as soon as possible. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Here is Eden Lo in Italy:

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