Miko Huang Protest Taiwan Flag Removal At London Olympics By Posing Naked


Here is Huang Shih-ting also known as Miko Huang (黃米可 ) posing nude but covered to protest against the decision by Olympic organizers to remove Taiwan's national flag from a London display at the request of China. Miko Huang has shot to fame after posting semi-naked photos of herself on her Facebook page with a strategically placed national flag following the controversy at the Olympic Games in London. The 23 year-old model based in Hsinchu in northern Taiwan, decided to show her support for her country after hearing the decision. Yes, we are seeing this naked display because they removed the flag of Taiwan from a row of national flags raised over Regent Street in central London. So can you just imagine the the million man gangbang this chick would put on display to protest the next time China threaten to invaded Taiwan? I want to see how far this chick will go for patriotism.

Or maybe she did this just to be famous? If attention whoring was the point then it was a spectacular success.
The photos with the caption "I love Taiwan," went viral almost instantly and has been shared tens of thousands of times. Huang then posed for an even more explicit set of photos with the Taiwanese flag since rising to stardom. This time, she is completely naked, with only flags and shadows covering her modesty. The five Olympic rings can be seen slightly above her breasts along with the words "Go Taiwan" written in Chinese. In the original photo posted on Huang Shih-ting's Facebook fan page she is seen in only her bra with a small Taiwanese flag covering her bottom half.

Anyway, the flag in London was replaced with that of Taiwan's Olympic committee a few days later... Games organizers LOCOG did confirm they had advised the Regent Street Association, which represents retailers and is in charge of the display, to remove the Taiwan flag
on July 24 after a complaint from the Chinese embassy. Which is somewhat of a petty request... And funny how the LOCOG threw China under the bus days after they threw Taiwan under the bus. But they did give this Miko chick an excuse to do this so things turned out good. Many Taiwanese have even jokingly said that the photos have forced them to support the decision to take down the ROC flag in London if it means Huang will take down hers. If only more girls could be patriotic in this way... Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

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